Heavy Hand

by No Trust

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released November 4, 2016

No Trust
Ben Guzman - Guitar, Vocals
Zach Guzman - Drums, Words

Recorded at:
The Barn
San Marcos, CA
Summer 2016
Engineered by Ben Guzman
All songs by No Trust

Art and Album Design:
Mamat Ahee



all rights reserved


No Trust San Diego, California

Two brothers. Menacing riffs.
Pummeling grooves.
Ferocious vocals.
No Trust.

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Track Name: Lift
Lift up these eyes
Look through the lies
Let go of doubt
Give of myself

Facing forward
Stepping ever closer
Motive driven
Hold myself to this
Struggle certain
Trait of being human
Living process
Evolving me

The stone that's left unturned
Will surely crush me slow
These lessons I have learned
Will be my strength

Lighting torches in the deepest darkness
Hidden shadows tremble in the light
Tallest mountain on the path before me
Passage clearing through the night

We grow stronger
Track Name: Torchbearer
Forming a place in my mind
Against all pain
Fortress of silent design
That none can break

Now enter unknown, open the door, be not afraid
Truth carry me through, torch in the dark, lighting the way

Set forth
Hold course
Dawn brings
Much more

The rising tide will drift away
A passing flood until the next

Beacon lead me to shelter
Armor lend me protection

Internal eye
Behold the way
Objective sight

Track Name: Pushing Through
Torment of my thoughts
Gnawing at the cage
Sleepless I repeat
Burden of the day
Focus turns to rust
Vision draws a blank
Notion of defeat
Threatens with it's chains

Indulging false beliefs
A waste of time

Clearing a path for my mind
Follow the ground that is laid
Reaping all that I sow
Harvest the error of my ways
Sliver pulled from my eye
Vision slowly regained
Summon the courage to grow
Purpose always remains

Indulging false beliefs
A waste of time
What do you seek
What will you find

Find a way
Track Name: Burning Season
Across the field
The fires burn
A gift of flame
Upon the Earth

Gathering all I need
What is left I release

Into the wind
The ashes blow
A cleansing
With iron will
And steel nerve
Begin again
The wheel turns

Memories wearing thin
Process of shedding skin

All will heal
In it's time

Let the flames

Burning season comes
I regenerate
Track Name: Build
Always searching
For the answer

Fill me up with what I need
To stay ahead
Alive, awake, aware

And here I stand
Amongst the days
So quickly passing
Into the next
I set my sight
Upon the Sun
Into the light

Build my own fate
Make my own way